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Ayder Plateau

As one of the most peaceful activities of the Black Sea, Ayder Plateau trip is one of the activities that every natural person should experience at least once in their lives. Ayder Plateau, which is covered with pine forests of Kaçkar Mountains, is separate in summer, separate in winter and unexplainable in spring. is one of the must-see places in Rize with its hot springs, delicious food and friendly people.

There are two aspects of Ayder: the touristic area where tea gardens and restaurants are located, and the camping area which is more intertwined with nature. If you are thinking of going to Ayder Plateau and saying “My Black Sea tour should be perfect Ay, you will find all the information you need in our Ayder Plateau travel guide.

Offering views of the Kaçkar Mountains, Ayder is known as a plateau, 1350 meters above sea level; but it is not a plateau. The locals used this place for rest and return to the plateaus.

Ayder is very famous for its immaculate and delicious juices. During the Ottoman period, the beauty of the waters was recorded and many people came here to seek healing in the famous Ayder thermal springs.

Ayder Plateau was declared as a “Tourism Center 1987 by the Council of Ministers in 1987. It was a place where more people went to this year, everyone knows now. Especially during the holiday seasons this place is filled with tourists from the surrounding provinces and abroad.

There are many natural beauties around Ayder Plateau. The most famous of these is Fırtına Creek, which offers rafting opportunities for enthusiasts as well as lush landscapes.

Places to Visit in Ayder Plateau

There are many things to do and many places to see in Ayder Plateau. So, where to start? First of all, depending on how you expect a trip, the places you want to see may vary. Ayder Plateau trip, as mentioned in the first paragraph of two characters. As soon as you reach the center of the plateau, a tourist resort will welcome you during the holiday seasons. The restaurants, tea gardens and shops are ideal for sipping your tea or enjoying the organic flavors of the region with the views of the Kaçkar Mountains. Especially in May and after this place is literally chirping. While sitting in cafes, people have plenty of oxygen in the air while pleasant conversations spread around. Of course this is not for everyone. For example, if you are looking for the silence of nature and want to camp, we recommend you to see the following points during your Ayder Plateau trip. The tourist hengame in the center does not stop here.

There are many nature activities that can be done in and around Ayder Plateau. Let’s talk briefly.

You can enjoy the healing waters in the hot springs.
You can camp in the surrounding highlands or by the river.
You can go rafting.
You can go hiking.
You can experience the flavors of the Black Sea.

Some Pictures From Ayder

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