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Batumi is the third largest Georgian city on the southwestern Black Sea coast of Georgia. Located in the subtropical area of ​​the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Batumi is a lively coastal resort under warm weather conditions and can be completely covered with snow during the winter months. Much of Batumi’s economy revolves around tourism and gambling, but the city is an important sea port and includes industries such as shipbuilding, food processing and light production. Since 2010, Batumi has been transformed with the construction of modern high-rise buildings and the restoration of classic 19th-century buildings covering the historic Old Town.

Batumi for most travelers coming from Turkey, they encounter will be the first Georgian city and the relaxed atmosphere, many hotels in the area, good restaurants and will be enjoy being made a big entry into the country with nightlife.

The city skyline of Batumi has been transformed since 2007 with remarkable buildings and monuments of contemporary architecture. At the beginning of these buildings is the Radisson Blu Hotel, the Public Service Hall, the casino with Hilton Batumi, Leogrand, Koz Tower and a Grand Kempinski Hotel. The Sheraton Hotel was designed in the style of the Great Lighthouse in Egypt. The 145-meter-high Alphabetical Tower became a Georgian script and writing center. The Piazza was built as a mixed architectural work in the form of the Italian piazza. A lighthouse, Acropolis and buildings designed upside down in the White House style also adorn the city.

Places to visit in Batumi

Batumi is a peaceful but lively port city drawn to its own corner, stubborn to the rugged and choppy waters of the Black Sea. There are plenty of places to visit in this city to ensure that tourists have a good time. First of all, although Batumi is a small city, it is not only by crossing the border, but also it is a city that should be explored by exploring its interior and contains many valuable museums, works of art and historical buildings. Both the mythological and modern architectural influences adorn the city. As you spend time in museums and visit different exhibitions, when you go out, you can see historical clock towers, churches, structures like Ottoman lighthouse, mosques, Roman walls, sculptures dedicated to Ancient Greece and modern and creative buildings that were brought to the city. will go.

Gonio Castle, which attracts attention with its historical and surrounding beaches, is among the places you can see in the city. Batumi Botanical Garden, which is a lush green paradise, is also among the must-see places in Batumi. Inspired by the famous character of Greek mythology, Medea, Medea Statue, the Alphabet Tower symbolizing the Georgian alphabet and the uniqueness of people, the Batumi Archeological Museum, which contains important works about the history of the city and the country, is a Muslim child in a famous novel written by the Azerbaijani writer Kurban Said in 1937. Ali and Nino representing the Georgian princess as well as Ali and Nino Statue are also among the main places to see in this city.

Batumi Cuisine

The Georgian cuisine is quite rich. However, in Batumi, a type of haçapuri, similar to a Viking ship, called acharuli khachapuri (Ajarian khaçapuri), mixed with an egg in the center, should be tried. Avoid this flavor if you have high cholesterol; otherwise you should definitely try. Haçapuri is also called Georgian pita. In addition to this, Khıngel, also known as Georgian ravioli, is prepared by putting ground beef into a large dough ball. Pkhali, which has different species such as eggplant and spinach, is among the appetizers that Georgians are consumed. As a main dish, the most common flavor you will encounter on the tables is the strangeness. For dessert, you can choose walnut sausages called churchkhela. Please note that Georgia also offers a wide range of cheeses and wines.

Popular Restaurants

Adjara: It is a restaurant with a wide variety of local and international food (khaçapuris, pkhalis, pakhlava, etc.). This restaurant offers free Wi-Fi and friendly, English-speaking staff.

Boulangerie: On the corner of Mazniashvili Street. It is a French-style bakery / cafe that looks quite luxurious but has much lower prices than similar places in town. They make very nice cappuccino or latte and it is only 3 Lari. There are many types of cakes and croissants.

Cafe Literaturuli: This is a luxury book-café. The coffees, cakes and basic Georgian sandwiches on the menu should be tasted with haçapuri and lobiani.

Privet iz Batumi: Located in 39 Abashidze. This charming cafe will impress you with the most picturesque outdoor tables. The menu is based on hot regional dishes and is very varied.

Shopping in Batumi

Just like in our country, you can come across shopping centers in Batumi. Here you can find textile products and gifts. Especially perfumes, electronic products and textiles are quite cheap. When you go to shopping malls, we recommend you to visit the stores and decide for these products, because in some campaigns you can find a product at a more affordable price elsewhere. You can also shop for local food or souvenirs at the shops and shops outside. For example, you can return by taking honey from the city. Batumi is a city with plenty of food. Therefore, you can get plenty of food.

In addition to such products in the region, beverages and tobacco products are sold well below the market value in our country. It is among the most preferred souvenirs purchased by tourists due to its suitability. So much so that sometimes tourists entering and leaving the border come to the country just to get these products more convenient. In this case, we advise you to be prepared for customs officials’ questions. In order to avoid illegal sales, you can be attached to the customs, especially if you are departing with your private vehicle. In such a case, you may need to explain the products you purchased to those concerned. However, if you have made a reasonable shopping, you will not encounter a nuisance. You should be careful about this.

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