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How much time do you need to visit Eskisehir? How much time you want to spend in Eskisehir is more about how much time you have. 1 day is enough to see the fixtures of Eskisehir, but if you say I came to enjoy, from one of the places to visit in Eskisehir, parks, Eskisehir venues, balaban kebabs, met helva spend two days in Eskisehir.

Rent a Bicycle First

The three essential elements for a cycling life in a city are in Eskişehir: flat feet, civilized and short distances. So come on, then what are you waiting to rent a bike for? When you come here you will see people who are already pedaling in Eskisehir. As such, the city began to adapt to them. There are bicycle parks in front of many places from parks to private businesses. Of course, there are still no shortcomings in the infrastructure. There is only 8-kilometer kilometers of bicycle path in Eskişehir.

Tour the Old City Odunpazarı Streets in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Seljuk, Ottoman and Republic of Turkey separately period, reflecting a combination of temporary structures on the UNESCO World Heritage List in Odunpazari of the historic city center. This is where Eskişehir was founded. Protected by a successful restoration work, the colorful nostalgic houses of Ottoman architecture, the Contemporary Glass Arts Museum and the souvenirs where we will talk about respectively are definitely worth seeing. In addition, let’s not mention. While we were there, we saw that Odunpazarı Bakery is one of the beautiful places where you pay for another bread when you buy a bread and you are the occasion to have at least one bread on the table of someone in need.

Keep the Pulse of Nightlife in the Islands and Old Factories

The islands are the region of Porsuk Stream passing through the city center, at the intersection of the city’s three main streets. So when you say the island, look no further than a real island in the middle of the city like Margaret Island in Budapest. We can call this place Venice of Eskişehir. Both the gondolas and boats in the Porsuk River leave from here and the various cafes and pubs in the region do not look for the chirping atmosphere of Venice. As you already know, Eskişehir is a student city. So this is a city that lives 7 days a week and always attracts bars and pubs. Especially in the summer evenings, the cafes and restaurants here are filled with young people who come to enjoy the Porsuk Stream. Tepebaşı district, formerly known as the region of old factories, has been restored by the rest of the factories in the Hoşnudiye neighborhood. The tightest places: Varuna Travelers Cafe del Mundo, Varuna Memphis Pub, Peyote, SPR Pub, Goat Pass Cafe, Havelka, Museum Pub, Little Kitchen…

Go to Sazova Park

Sazova Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Turkey is pretty big, Eskişehir branch officially Disneyland! The time runs out with pleasure, no matter whether it is small or big. In particular, there is a fairy tale castle, there is no word to say the magnificence. This feature is most famous tale, the bomb appeared to have brought together eight of the tower of the castle in Turkey. If you do not recognize, let’s say: Galata Tower, Burgulu Tower, Sindrella Tower, Maiden Tower, Justice Tower, Ulu Tower, Bell Tower and Grooved Tower. In addition to the fairy tale castle, there are many activities and things to see in the park, such as the Pirate Ship, an artificial pond, the Sabanci Space House, the Zoo and the World of Sulat.

History Of Eskişehir

In the 14th century BC, the first landlords of Eskişehir were the Hittites, who founded a huge state and made it the center. Later, Phrygians, Lydians and Persians also occupied Eskişehir. In the Phrygian period, Eskişehir’s name was Dorylaion and it was known for a long time.

Eskişehir, which hosted the Roman and Byzantine Empires respectively, came under the rule of the Seljuk State in 1074 and was named Sultanönü at that time. There were still many traces of the Seljuk period in the city. After almost 200 years of Eskişehir, the Ottoman Empire came out of the Seljuk rule. Shortly after that period, Karamanlılar’ın, the British occupation was under the Ottoman rule again, although it did not last long.

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