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List of Recommendations for the First Time Abroad

Going abroad for the first time may seem difficult at this stage, but be sure, there is no point that is difficult to read after reading the article! Already once you step out of the country, we are very confident that travel will become a passion. So you can put aside all those worries and fusses in mind.

Since we want to explain every detail to the finest detail in the List of Recommendations for the First Time Abroad, the article may seem a bit long and very gradual, but we are sure that these tiny fine details will help you when the time comes! So let’s start before we go on!

Best Routes to Choose Your Country and Go Abroad for the First Time

Since it is the first trip abroad, the choice of country and city is of course of utmost importance. As recommended; if you don’t want to deal with visas on your first trip, you can go to one of the visa-free countries or, most preferably, to one of the Schengen visa countries in Europe where there are cheaper, nearer and in part flight tickets!

In mind nasıl How to get a visa? How to get a visa? We invite you to read our article, of course, after the end of this article, because we are at the beginning of further suggestions!

Ukraine is one of the best advice for starting Lviv, if you are going to choose one of the effortless, visa-free countries for going abroad for the first time. Located in Ukraine, Lviv is one of the routes that you can travel without a visa, as well as those who go to a very popular place! The city is also a preferred option for you to visit the city in 3-4 days!

If you would like more information about visa-free countries: Our Visa-Free Countries Guide is also available! This guide includes all countries that you can enter without a visa, from Europe to Asia, from Africa to South and North America. However, it would be more logical for us to prefer a visa-free country in Europe, both for the sake of not pushing the budget and because almost everyone wants to explore Europe first.

I want to visit some of Europe’s most popular destinations. İspanya Spain and Italy are definitely the first countries that we can recommend! It is not possible to leave unhappy from a trip to Barcelona in Spain and Rome in Italy! Spain’s warm Mediterranean people, Barcelona’s fun-filled city in every corner, Italy’s delicious and delicious pasta and pizzas, Rome’s sweet and every corner of the photographic streets with your first trip abroad is impossible to leave enchanted! We are sure you will not want to return.

Searching for the best time to go to the country of your choice and Weather

It is an absolute fact that the season and weather you travel affects the entire trip! Season and temperature are one of the most important factors for loving a country. Some cities are beautiful in winter, some cities in the first spring and summer season!

For example, on your first overseas trip, if you want to see the Christmas atmosphere and Christmas markets with bright decorations under the snow and if you want to breathe that air, you can visit Colmar and Strasbourg cities in France or London city in England and if you want to see the sun shining on the hill in spring and summer, Italy, Spain We can recommend countries like Portugal. Traveling in winter has different beauties (such as hot wine) and travel in summer has beauties. (like sea holiday) At this point it’s up to you when you want to travel!

Another point we want to note is that many shops, shops and even restaurants are closed on Sundays in Europe. Europe means closed shutters on Sundays and people who are fond of themselves. So if your travel days include Sunday, it’s a good idea to keep this in mind.

If you are getting the first time flight points

If the first country, city and season you are going abroad is determined, it is time to buy tickets! We recommend that you check your departure and return dates (no one wants to buy a ticket to a different month by mistake) and make sure that you have learned your luggage right according to the airline when you buy your flight tickets! The weight of the suitcase and cabin suitcase you give to the luggage can be different in every airline. Domestic-international and economic-business flights can also have different suitcase rights.

To spend less on flights, you can follow the campaigns of different airlines and not only pay for the suitcase by choosing the cabin suitcase option. Cabin suitcases are usually allowed up to 8 kilos. It is a good idea to put your luggage on the scale before you go to the airport! (old-fashioned methods can sometimes work very well!) If your luggage weighs much more than allowed, the airlines will charge you extra. The lighter the better!

Transportation Abroad: Where and how to go?

Whether it’s your first departure abroad or your 100th exit, transportation is always important. How to get from the airport to the city center and the hotel, the city metro line developed, how much fees, such as tiny details before you reach the country you will make sure you will be much more comfortable. It is quite hectic to search for wifi at the airport of the city you arrive, so be prepared and at least know how to get to the hotel.

Before the trip, you can download the subway map of the city where you will stay from Google to your mobile phone and thus avoid the hassle of searching the internet on the streets.

Generally, in almost every European city there are tariffs for tourists for 2-3 days on all public transport. You can also explore these possibilities for convenience in your trip, or you can find out if the city is suitable for walking, and whether the city can be explored on foot.

Buying from Private Phone Packages Abroad

Another thing to keep in mind when going abroad is the internet package. As you will go abroad for the first time, you will not want to deal with buying a new sim card from the city where you will go during your 3 to 7 days holiday.

In today’s technology era, it is very practical to make use of the maps in our phones in order to find location-directions. Even though paper maps taken from tourist information offices are sweet and nostalgic, we accept that it is difficult to find its position in a country you never knew through paper maps. These maps have more to keep you souvenir when you return!

Buy Power Adapter

Another important trick is to buy a socket adapter suitable for your country of destination. European countries have the same voltage system and socket outlets as us, but you need to buy an adapter for countries like UK, America, Canada, China, Australia. If your destination is not a European country, it will be useful for you to investigate this issue in advance.

Making a copy of your passport

Another trick you shouldn’t miss is to keep a copy of your passport with you at all times. If you don’t want to carry your passport in your bag, it is a good idea to have a photocopy with you. In some museums, you may need to show your passport, and in such cases, you will be prepared and having a photocopy will make your job easier.

Prepare Bags / Suitcases

It is very important to get enough clothes for your climate and to add towels and shampoo and soap to your suitcase if your hotel doesn’t provide towels. Although it may seem like simple details, many important items can be overlooked when the suitcase is left to the last minute. Always avoid taking too much stuff with you, but if your trip comes in the spring, don’t forget to include items such as umbrellas and raincoats, just in case!

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