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Thessaloniki; The nature that you will not be attracted to, the people who are warm and who do not have a smile on your face, with its historical heritage and chirping beach gives you the desire to disappear almost. You know, there are places where everyone promises himself ım I will live here someday! Sel In fact, Thessaloniki makes many people promise this. If you want to meet the unique texture of Thessaloniki, which is mixed with the smell of sea and the Mediterranean wind of modern city life, and to witness the hospitality of Greek people, you can set off with our Thessaloniki travel guide and leave yourself to the beautiful “Thessaloniki…

Transportation in Thessaloniki

The city of Thessaloniki, where there is no subway transportation yet, is actually located close to each other. If you prefer, you can take the bus number 50 for a classic city tour. Nevertheless, I suggest you take a step-by-step tour of many places from the seaside cafes to the famous squares and take the warmth of Thessaloniki travel guide and take a warm walk through the boutique shops on the narrow streets to discover popular spots.

Thessaloniki Airport – City Center Transportation: It is possible to reach the heart of the city by bus or taxi from Thessaloniki Airport, which is approximately 15 km away from the city center. You can reach the center in 45 minutes by the buses waiting in front of the exit door or you can reach the city with a taxi ride that will take half an hour.

Food & Drink in Thessaloniki

Considering the civilizations and cultures it hosted at the time, Greece has very similar characteristics to Turkish cuisine. Greek cuisine, where you can see the effects of the Greeks who interpret the same flavors unique to their own culture, uses plenty of meat and sauces, especially seafood. Souvlaki and Gyros, served with sauces, tomatoes and French fries, which you can taste in many buffets in Thessaloniki, are frequently preferred by the Turks who go to Salonika.

The places where you will feel the most similarity of culture are fish restaurants; In addition to the appetizers like Tzatziki and Skordalia, which you can eat with Ouzo, the seafood, such as calamari, octopus and shrimp, which is slightly different and justified than ours, is combined with the skillful hands of the Greeks. Palati and Full Tou Meze, one of the best taverns in Thessaloniki, should definitely be visited; You should taste the dishes of Ouzou Melathron restaurant on Karipi Street with different names and presentations!

Thessaloniki Attractions

Thessaloniki, which creates an image in harmony with its historical and natural beauties, hosts millions of tourists every year with its magnificent works. It is possible to see the elements of Roman, Byzantine and Muslim cultures together in the structure of the city.

White Tower

The White Tower of Thessaloniki, which has been used as a dungeon for many years, is one of the symbolic elements of the city. Built by Mimar Sinan upon the request of Suleiman the Magnificent during the Ottoman period, the tower is considered a replica of Rumeli Fortress in Istanbul. You can visit the tower which is located in Thessaloniki district and used as a museum at any time by taking into consideration the visiting hours.

Atatürk House Museum

The Atatürk House Museum, located on the Apostolou Pavlu Street, is still important today as the house where Atatürk was born in 1881. The house was built with wooden structures, known as part of the territory of the Republic of Turkey. The interior design of the house designed by Müderris Hacı Mehmet Foundation of Rhodes in 1870 fascinates people with its historical ambiance.

Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous Square is one of Thessaloniki’s most renowned sites. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to shopping, restaurants, art galleries and cafés. In the area where a constantly moving scene prevails, you can have fun or participate in frequently organized artistic activities.

Aya Dimitri Church

Aya Dimitri Church, which belongs to the Byzantine period, sheds light on the Early-Christian period thanks to the design details inside and outside. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988, and was built in the II. Since the time of Beyazit, it has been called as ı Kasımıye Mosque ”. Furthermore, it is rumored that the healing water flows from the fountain next to the architectural monument built on the Roman Baths where Dmitri was martyred.


Heptapyrgion, which is located in the northeast of the walls of Thessaloniki, is called “Seven Towers.. Built in 1997 by the Ottoman state into the Byzantine walls, the tower has the Ottoman Monogram and Inscription at the entrance. The work, which is frequently in demand as an open-air museum, offers a panoramic view as it is located at the highest position in the city. When you come to Thessoloniki region, you can get the opportunity to see this tower which has historical importance.

Thessaloniki Umbrellas

The symbolic monument designed by Greek Sculptor Georgios Zangolopoulos, the Thessaloniki Umbrellas (Zongolopoulos Umbrellas), rises from the beach towards the sky. Umbrellas, which are the most famous works of the city, have an impressive appearance at night thanks to their colorful lighting. You can see the eye-catching works designed in 1997 by coming to the beaches of Greece.

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